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Drab and dreary? Or time for a fresh approach?

Well that's it. Everyone is back at work/home. The weather's rotten. Drab, dull and grey greeted me when I opened my curtains this morning. My blog earlier this week focused on how to avoid common pitfalls in the January sales.

Today I'm reviewing some other ideas as to how you can add some life and colour to your home this month, without breaking the bank.

Ceilings - when rooms are revamped, these are often neglected. Too many of us have old artex ceilings which instantly date your space. Consider having those ceilings skimmed or just freshening up with some matt paint. Using matt (eggshell or satinwood) on doors, skirting boards and ceilings will make your home feel much more up to date, and really compliments a muted colour scheme like greys or neutrals. It is also much easier to get a uniform finish and doesn't yellow (if you use a good quality paint) in the same way as gloss.

If budget only stretches to a couple of walls or spaces, think about the areas we really neglect like halls and stairs, entrance porches etc - these often suffer from lack of attention and are the areas that can feel cold and drab, particularly where space is restricted. Just a few tins of paint or some nice wallpaper (maybe have a look at the linear trend featured by Crown Paints - a very modern and inspired way to update a tired space) this will really lift both the space and your mood and creates clean, modern lines.

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