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How the grinch stole Christmas

I've had a few of you ask about this year's Christmas display, and I wanted to share some of the secrets of how our outdoor space came to life.

Firstly, some thanks to Kieran who helped put these together in the studio.

To begin, we primed the OSB Board then hand prepped each figure's outline and then began the lengthy process of colouring each one in. Each figure was then prepped with a jigsaw to keep the outline neat, edges sanded and then painted black on the cut areas, also the back and finished in exterior varnish with glitter highlights.

Kevin our resident carrot moves around most days, he's the one who can't keep still (much like his TV family). Apart from that, the other figures are static and held on stakes.

We hope you have enjoyed them and they have raised a lot of smiles and comments from our neighbours and friends.

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