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It's hot, hot, hot.. but not as hot as your property..

The recent spell of beautiful weather has seen a surge in DIY sales.

The long days mean it is an ideal time to consider painting (or repainting) the outside of your property. Before you do, please consider these questions which will save you time and money.

1. When was the property last painted? Is the paint flaking off? Is the outside in a poor state of repair?

Our advice is don't 'paint over the cracks', make sure remedial work is undertaken and/or surfaces are fully prepped for painting first. Well-maintained surfaces will not only look better, the results will be hardwearing and resilient to storm damage etc - when the weather is less favourable.

2. What's the forecast?

Based in the North West, your Paint North team are well used to the worst of the weather. Don't just look for a dry day - is it too hot? Will the surface heat hinder progress? Can you work away from the sun's glare? Are any sudden downpours likely? Is it windy?

Remember, unless you have a professionally erected scaffold and / or safety ladders please don't risk any unnecessary work at heights and never overreach and don't work alone. Make sure other people know where you are working and can help in case of sudden difficulty.

3. Don't rush.

It's amazing the projects people start on a weekend, only for the job to drag on for months. Be realistic, and make sure you have the appropriate materials to hand.

4. Appropriate materials for the surfaces.

Please don't attempt to use interior varnish or paint, no matter where you need to use it outside, it's fools gold. Never use a water-based product for exterior purposes unless it is specifically designed for the task.

5. Ask the professionals. Why DIY when you can GSI....

Remember, this might be something you attempt once every 'blue moon'. Our highly-skilled team of professional decorators have decades of experience using leading manufacturer's products. If in doubt, call us out. The results are incomparable.

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