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Our never-ending festivities are all but over

Traditionally, twelfth night is the time we remove all our Christmas decorations, this year that falls over this weekend. Some homes are already stripped. Personally, I love Christmas decorations and I keep mine up as long as possible, who wants to look at a bare home when you have spent up and are starting dry January - not me 😞

However, needs must, as I begin to think about changes in my own home, especially after enjoying the bright colours and lights through December, my thoughts have moved on to inexpensive ways to brighten up and personalise your space.

Consider the state of your walls - is there any damage from tape, blue tack or drawing pins? Fill and repair before repainting. If you do want to freshen things up, can you focus on key areas? Walls or ceilings, or even a feature wall?

Consider a mural, bespoke designs make immediate impact and are not as expensive as they might look. Have a think about a statement feature, like photo wall or colours around items you do want to keep long term. Keep colours neutral, that way, when spring arrives if you want to change things again you don't need endless coats to hide any spur of the moment loud or clashing colours.

Don't be tempted into buying clearance paint or wallpaper, unless you can be 100% sure you have enough and check your batch numbers are compatible very carefully. It will cost more in the long run to have to source a roll here or there, or abandon your latest bargain because you don't have enough material to create your dream.

As always, if in doubt, ask the experts at Paint North and to one and all, Happy New Year 2019.

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