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Key Trends: Bringing the outside in

Evidence of the great british summer is everywhere, the recent good weather, our blossoming gardens…

As we still have lighter nights and longer days, this seems a great opportunity to discuss a key trend for 2017 which seems to be dominating interior furnishings and gaining popularity for wallcoverings too. Bright, bold jungle foliage inspired prints are everywhere. Using such bold leaf and animal designs in wallcoverings and soft furnishings can add interest and really brighten a room. This is such a stark contrast to many customers’ earthy, natural wallcoverings, and / or minimalist and industrialist chic looks.

Vintage botanical prints in particular have really taken off, this trend really embodies the phrase ‘bringing the ­­­­outside in’, and is set to keep gaining popularity over the next few months.

Key Trends: Florals

Big, bold and bright are another key summer trend. This year, wallpaper has real ‘attitude’. There is nothing delicate about this year’s floral wallcoverings. Murals and posters featuring bright, bold prints are a safer bet for those who don’t want to cover an entire room.

With paint colour and wallpaper trends as bold and playful as these, it’s safe to say 2017 interior trends are anything but dull.

Key Trends: Paint

Key Trends: Garden Colour

In contrast, another key trend for 2017 is ‘taking the inside outside’.

Outdoor seating and dining options are now far more likely to mirror our home interior themes, soft furnishings have taken on far greater opulence and our garden resembles a calming space in which to relax.

2017’s key garden trend is all about making an extra space, as comfortable as the inside of your home. Lanterns are much more ornate, cushions are more colourful and fencing colours now mirror the inside of your home. BBQ’s are being replaced by small outdoor kitchens, with chimeneas or fire pits. Canopy colours again feature a calm colour palette, more familiar to our European neighbours. So if you need a luxurious, calming space to enjoy this summer consider updating your outdoor walls, fences and furniture.

As previously mentioned nature is a key theme of 2017, green and blue continue to have a bold influence on our interiors. Key to this trend are the 80’s ‘colour block’ theme to soft furnishings which tie this sort of scheme together, with the bold use of green on the feature wall. Potted plans continue the theme of ‘bringing the outside in’ and add impact to the calm, relaxing feel of this space. Blue is also a key colour trend for 2017, adding a feeling of freshness.

Ever popular with clients for both interiors and exteriors are heritage paints. These classic colours demonstrate how grey can add warmth and depth as well as adding a feel of luxury and glamour. I’ve often found with clients who are not as confident with colour feel that colours with a beige, cream or sand tone are the most successful.

As you can see, grey can remain neutral, but add far more impact, while keeping a feeling of light and space.


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