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To paint outdoors, or not.. that's a winter question....

This customer posed a very tricky question. The timescales were challenging as we were approaching the shortest day of the year.

The customer had quite complex and exacting requirements. The business premises were a unit on an industrial estate, comprising warehouse and office development.

The project was not running to the original timescales, so the Paint North team were called at short notice to get this project back on track. Our team were proud to not only meet the challenge of the timescale, but to also present work which highlighted the best of the office development and the outside, which were previously in a poor state of repair.

I probably don't need to remind anyone that late autumn / early winter 2017 brought biblical weather conditions, we had floods, we had major storms, we had snow, and as always in the north west we had a great deal of rain. That proved to be no barrier for our expert team who like the true professionals they are, delivered a brilliant project to the customer's satisfaction.

We look forward to plenty of similar commercial projects in 2018!

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