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Trick or treat? Changing seasons, changing colours...

So, it's October already. The richer, darker shades are all over the DIY stores, and this week I've been working for some lovely customers who interestingly went for a bold stripe not only on two walls, it also went across their ceiling. They were delighted with the results.

This made me think about how many people decide to go for bolder shades at this time of year. I've had plenty of customers ask about navy blue for example, which is really fashionable right now.

My only word of caution would be have a think about changing light levels. Once the clocks go back, I don't know about you, but I feel like spring is a million miles away. During the colder, darker months, too much of a richer shade can make rooms feel smaller, darker, and fairly chilly.

The relatively new "Crown Visualiser" is fantastic - it will really give you a realistic feel for a drastic change, at no cost. I'd recommend it. #crownpaints are also excellent quality.

This is where you will find it if you want to download:

If you are not so techy-minded and are in doubt, try a tester pot and live with it for a little while. It is much easier to paint out a smaller area, if you do change your mind, or try experimenting with a few colour combinations in a small space. That way, it can be easier to swap and change while limiting the costs.

As always, contact me for advice on colours and paints, I'm always happy to help my customers with specialist advice.

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